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Slide Valves

IMI Remosa Slide valves for FCC and flue gas lines are custom-designed and engineered to meet the severe and harsh conditions in the FCC Reactor and Regenerator control loop: Spent Catalyst; Regen Catalyst; Cooled Catalyst; Recirculation Catalyst; and Flue Gas Double Disc.

All Slide valves are designed and tailored to customer specifications. Hot wall and cold wall design options are both available.

Some other key features:

  • Integrated IMI Remosa Control System with Actuator and Hydraulic Power and Control Unit.
  • Custom design able to fit in existing units without the need of major structural reworks.
  • Proven and reliable design with hundreds of installations worldwide.
  • Approved by all FCC Process Licensors.

One of the latest additions to IMI Remosa's product list is the Double Disc Double Displacement (4D) Slide Valve, a completely symmetric valve in which each of the two discs is able to perform the Dual Displacement and close the port - even if the other one is stuck in any position.

IMI Remosa 4D Slide Valve allows to perform a Partial Stroke Test moving simultaneously the two discs in the same direction, without affecting the process, being the port area constant. This way, the mechanical reliability of the system can be tested on a regular base (weekly or even daily). An auto testing feature may be implemented in the Control Unit.

Our Slide valves are designed for easy maintenance. All components that are subject to erosion and wear are easily replaceable.

All body mounting surfaces are CNC machined in order to allow a precise matching of the components during the assembly stage.

Erosion and temperature are the most critical issues for this kind of application: at IMI Remosa the best available materials are used to protect the main components. The materials are applied in house by our own highly skilled employees.

Special high-end alloys are used to manufacture the components subject to the most critical stresses.

The manufacturing process has an uninterrupted quality control workflow - from procurement to final testing. A state of the art Finite Element Analysis of the complete valve body is used to check the structural reliability against pressure, temperature and line loads.

Flow-dynamic behaviour of the valve in complex layout lines can be assessed in detail using computational flow dynamics simulations.