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PEM Electrolyzer

IMI Remosa has more than 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of special valves for critical applications in Oil and Gas field, and more than 20 years for high-end bespoke electrohydraulic Power and Control Units.

Leveraging on such know-how and experience and with the support of a skilled and young engineering team, IMI is now taking on the new Hydrogen Market. The new IMI PEM Electrolyser is the first product that will be branded as IMI VIVO.

The IMI VIVO team aims to provide great solutions that tackle the most demanding challenges demonstrating how an innovative culture and purpose can increase environmentally aware growth. Thanks to IMI VIVO we build our ambition to offer a sustainable product portfolio: hydrogen products and green technologies.

“Vivo” means Life in Esperant language, and the tagline Power to life illustrates IMI’s aspiration towards a “Breakthrough Engineering for a better World”.


Green Hydrogen Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the chemical process that transforms water into hydrogen, using electricity as energy source. When powered by renewable sources such as wind, solar o geothermal, the hydrogen can be classified as green.

IMI VIVO is offering on the market its first Electrolyzer, based on the PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.

As per IMI VIVO DNA, the design will be deeply customized toward Customer Specifications and local regulations to meet any specific request in terms of components, sub vendors, internal standards and design practices.

The main features are:

  • Skid/containerized turnkey design
  • 0.1-5MW power class skid
  • Modular design allowing multi-MW plants
  • Top technology PEM stack provider
  • Power consumption <60kWh/kg H2
  • Customizable on customer specs and local regulations
  • System design according to ISO22734
PEM containerazed electrolyzer by IMI VIVO

Thanks to decades of experience in designing, installing and servicing critical equipment for complex plants, IMI VIVO can also provide complete green hydrogen plant solutions, guiding the End User from the earliest stages of the plant design. We can support in defining the optimal size for the renewable energy source, the electrolyzer, fuel cell and storage system.

complete system with electrolyzer, High Pressure and Low Pressure storage, compressor and fueling station

Contact us ( for a free preliminary sizing of your next Green Hydrogen plant!

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