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A few notes about IMI Remosa

Remosa was founded in Cagliari - on the island of Sardinia, Italy - in 1955, to provide support to the Mambrini Constructions Group, which dealt with road construction and civil engineering at the time. With its mechanics department, Remosa could guarantee timely maintenance and repair services to the machinery utilized in MCG's working sites all over the island. Shipping the equipment to maintenance centers on the mainland was not necessary anymore.

Thanks to the efficiency and the reliability which has been its goal right from the start, Remosa rapidly achieved high quality levels, growing from a small regional company to a strong world-wide competitor.

It was, in fact, during the stages of its development that Remosa acquired a solid industrial service experience, working with refineries, petro-chemical industries, power plants, metal working industries, mining and manufacturing industries, operating as service provider for mechanical precision products and industrial maintenance.

Building on the acquired experience, Remosa was later able to invest in technological and planning know-how, updating its machinery, improving its organizational structure and personnel training, as well as aggressively moving into new fields.

  • In 1980, Remosa becomes manufacturer of valves for the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and Expander (PRT) applications. In a few years, the Company would be a world leader in this field.
  • In 1993, Remosa enters for the first time the UOP Vendor list as FCC-Expander applications supplier.
  • In 2002, Remosa starts to design its own Control Systems and Actuators, to provide its Customers with a complete and integrated package.

In 2012, Remosa was acquired by IMI plc, and became part of the IMI Critical Engineering division as IMI Remosa.

In order to appropriately meet the requirements of its clientele the company has improved the development of its technical services and planning strategies. IMI Remosa's technical service can carry out the research and design of prototypes for FCC plant applications. It also studies and solves problems of any nature that may be encountered during the maintenance of industrial plants.

IMI Remosa will find the most cost-efficient solution to unforeseen problems without forcing the customer to wait for often late answers from the constructors of the equipment. After an on-site analysis of the state of the equipment, and pressed by unanticipated problems, our technicians have been often able to suggest substantial modifications in order to improve the performance of the plant and allow for better efficiency.

What has been stated above highlights another important factor which characterizes IMI Remosa: field service. It is on this field that our experienced technicians and workers, who are supplied with technologically advanced equipment, best express themselves. They are capable of solving problems and planning solutions that may sometimes require the shipping of some components directly from IMI Remosa's main plant.