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Ethics and Compliance

Our Commitment

IMI Remosa's commitment to the highest standards of integrity begins with making sure that all of our employees and sales representatives across the organisation share the company's core values.

IMI Remosa follows the IMI plc Code of Conduct (also available in Italian) - the IMI Way.

How We Behave

IMI Remosa has honesty, integrity and respect for people as its core values. This choice determines the way we approach business and define the principles which we expect our people to follow while conducting our business.

Responsible Business

Wherever anyone operates in the IMI Group and whenever you deal with an IMI employee, you can expect to see these values at work:
- IMI people pursue excellence and deliver results.
- IMI people innovate and provide value to our customers.
- IMI people act with integrity.

IMI Remosa has adopted an organizational and control model pursuant to Italian Law 231/01 (the "231 Model"). The IMI Code of Conduct represents an essential part of the 231 Model.

Customer Priorities

IMI Remosa works with customers in order to meet responsible business principles. We work proactively to better understand our customers' needs and we propose the best solutions. Please read IMI Remosa's General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Field Service Terms and Conditions. Both documents are also available in Italian: Termini e condizioni standard di vendita di beni e servizi e Termini e condizioni standard per l'assistenza tecnica in campo.

See also the order confirmation form (in Italian: conferma d'ordine).

Supply chain

IMI Remosa promotes Responsible Business Principles with all suppliers. We require transparency during transactions and social and ethical responsibilities during their daily work. Please read IMI Remosa's General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (with the Italian version: Condizioni generali di acquisto).

Energy and the Environment

IMI Remosa emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment. We develop internal programs to reduce our environment impact, promoting waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency plans.

Health and Safety

IMI Remosa is aware that Health and Safety are milestones in modern business. We comply with legal requirements, safety regulations and corporate policies. We develop health and safety programs in order to update risks assessments and to have a better workplace. [ read more about our HSE System ]


The company and IMI Group have a dedicated system for handling whistleblowing reports, in Italy and abroad.

IMI Hot Line is a confidential independent hotline that, among others, helps all our employees feel confident speaking up if they see inappropriate behaviour or experience anything that makes them feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

Through our IMI Hot Line, any concerns can be quickly and easily reported in confidence and without fear of retaliation. Reports are investigated thoroughly and, where required, action is taken to resolve issues. IMI Hot Line is provided by an independent third-party provider (Navex Inc.).

The whistleblower will be given the opportunity to make the report also anonymously. Anonymous reports received will be treated in the same way as other reports submitted without the whistleblower's anonymity. However, we encourage anyone using it to provide their details as this will allow us a greater opportunity to investigate the issues raised.

Through this channel, the report reaches the internal committee that will deal with the investigation and decision-making phase on the report, IMI Ethics & Compliance Committee.

There is also the possibility that the report is made in person through an appointment meeting with one or more members of the IMI Ethics & Compliance Committee.

The Committee acts with full autonomy and does not require prior authorisation to request documents, conduct interviews and/or carry out on-site inspections in connection with the investigation of reports received.

If a report concerns one of the members of IMI Ethics & Compliance Committee, the Navex platform will not automatically make the report available to that person.

Whistleblowers should use internal reporting channels to report potential wrongdoing in the first instance, provided that the reporting persons believe that the report of potential wrongdoing can be dealt with effectively within the relevant organisation and that there is no risk of retaliation.

Making false reports or pursuing personal vendettas through the hotline is strictly against our value of integrity and we could be subject to formal disciplinary action if we use the hotline in this way.

Log in to the management of whistleblowing reports here.