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Erosion Monitoring System

Erosion is a major concern in all plants. It is unpredictable and can only be detected when it is too late, by measuring metal skin temperature.

Unmonitored erosion leads to:

  • unplanned unit shutdowns, with high economic and production impacts;
  • high maintenance costs (preventive purchase of replacement equipment);
  • longer turnaround duration, due to:
    • unknown internal equipment condition;
    • unplanned lining repairs following internal inspection;
    • limited overall plant reliability.

The solution is IMI Remosa Erosion Monitoring System, which allows to continuously measure erosion in any lined equipment. Operators will now be able to maximize their throughput, better manage their assets, and extend their turnaround period.

Our Erosion Monitoring System is based on a simple operating principle using sacrificial probes.

erosion monitoring system: inserting probes

1. Sacrificial probes are inserted in conduits embedded in lining material;

2. Probe length decreases at the same rate as lining material thickness;

3. Probe length signal is sent to a digital analyzer and to a device for elaboration;

erosion monitoring scheme

This technology has unlimited applications and it is now available for any industrial process working with abrasive fluids, where erosion is the bottleneck that limits productivity:

  • FCC
    • Slide valves, VOV, Orifice Chamber
    • Cyclones, stand pipes, reactors
    • Bends, turns, reductions
  • Cement Industry
  • CFB Biomass/Coal Burners, Boilers
  • Minerals Processing
  • Glass Industry
  • Pipelines

Why should you rely on IMI Remosa Erosion Monitoring System?

Flexibility: our solution can measure the erosion depth of any material including metallic, non-metallic, and composite materials. It is particularly suitable to monitor abrasion resistant linings and refractories.

Versatility: the solution can measure the erosion not only of external walls, but even of inaccessible internal components several meters far from the entry point; no need to remove external coating.

Minimal Invasiveness: probe OD diameter is less than 1 mm and it is easily embedded in the lining.

Wide Range of Operation:

  • Operating Temperature: from -80°C up to 1000°C;
  • Operating Pressure: The probes fittings are rated for 790 bar of pressure;
  • Accuracy on probe length: ±0.5 mm;

User-friendly Architecture: data can be exported via preferred protocol to any device for data visualization and management; customized interface dashboard.

IMI Remosa Erosion Monitoring System is provided with a flexible subscription plan.

Monthly probe length output report.
Real time data visualization:
  • Current probe length
  • Probe length comparison
  • Current erosion rate
  • Max erosion rate
Gold features, plus:
  • Trend: probe length vs. time
  • Trend: erosion rate vs. time
  • Current expected life
  • Correlation between plant operating parameters and erosion rate.

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