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Diverter Valves

Our Diverter valves are specifically designed and manufactured to divert the flue gas to the CO Boiler or the the by-pass stack in the flue gas line of the FCC Units. IMI Remosa currently designs and manufactures four types of two-port diverter valves:

  1. Linear
  2. Pendulum
  3. Flip-Flop
  4. Two Butterfly

Some key features:

  • Fully customizable design
  • Optional Seat Purging
  • Floating Cones Design
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Available in Cold Wall or Hot Wall design

Every valve is engineered and designed in order to meet any specific customer need with highest safety and quality standard.

Seating Ring Supports are designed to allow a purging injection, to be distributed along the whole Seating Ring. The purging injection is usually requested on the CO-Boiler outlet port, because it is important to block leaks of process gas when the CO-Boiler line is being bypassed.

Valve outlet cones allow a different thermal expansions between two seats. Valve can be smoothly operated under any conditions and thermal transient.

Refractory installation and testing is completely performed in house. Optional antierosion lining can be installed on disc surfaces and walls as per Customer specifications.