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Butterfly Valves

IMI Remosa butterfly valves are specifically designed to regulate the flow of gas to the power recovery turbine, in order to give full control of all aspects of this critical equipment.

Some key features:

  • Fast acting shut-off valves (<1 second)
  • Large range of control
  • Hard-faced seat and seat area
  • High performance nickel alloy shaft
  • Lightweight rigid disc design
  • Reduced seat leakage
  • Any detail is customisable
  • In-house computational flow analysis

Our butterfly valves are the result of years of design and experience closely working with the end users. Their highly refined design enables quick and precise control of the Expander Turbine. With an average response time of 0.5 second (0-100% stroke), fast acting shut-off protects the turbine from overspeed. Emergency shutdown solenoids valves are SIL3 certified.

IMI Remosa butterfly valves are designed to work up to 950°C. Domed disc allows to increase resistance without increasing weight. Shaft is high performance nickel alloy.

Valve design can be scaled to any size, from 8" to 150" - tailored to customer requirements. Butterfly valves are available for both flanged and welded connection.

Valve control is extremely versatile, with automatic throttling action and easy switch from automatic to remote control. Backup control systems are available.